Director of scientific affairs                                                                                                                             

Dr. Mahnaz Yadollahi, Assistance of the University Deputy of Research

Academic Degree: PhD

Discipline: Social Medicine


Contact Info: +98-71-3612-2302

Fax: +98-71-3628-1506 

Deputy Director provides the following services:

Adviser of the director in affairs related to research centers

Inspection, evaluation and supervision over all affairs related to research centers

Supervision over evaluation of research centers in accordance with the Ministry protocols

Supervision over all correspondence going through office automation

Supervision over implementation of Supreme Council regulations

Supervision over the Infection Control and Safety Committee

Supervision over performance of the scientometrics unit

Supervision over budget allocation among research centers

Supervision over supply requests from research centers

Supervision over establishment of a data bank for research centers

Supervision over activities of the Infection Control Committee

Supervision over all correspondence related to assigned tasks

Consultation and guidance on performance improvement among research centers

Supervision over the Research Tower’s strategic and operational plans

Consultation on establishment of research centers

Supervision over recruitment requests

Follow-up on recruitment requests for faculty members