Cultural and Public Relations              Office

Vahid Yazdani: Manager of Public Affairs

Academic Degree: MSc

Discipline: Educational Management


Contact Info: +98-71-3612-2209

Fax: +98-71-3628-1506

A-The Public Relations Office is in charge of the following affairs:

Preparing reports on the tower’s programs, performances and activities in order to make appropriate plans, inform the authorities and reflect them in the media

Collecting suggestions from clients and employees regarding the tower’s performance, aiming to encourage effective participation of employees in organizational improvements, establish a mutual relationship between clients and authorities, and take necessary measures for client response and guidance (responding to phone calls, answering machine, PO box, suggestion box, website, etc.)

Investigating the public opinion   and raising awareness levels (content analysis of the press, the media and public correspondence from outsife or within the organization)

Releasing announcements and preparing the tower’s brochures

Filming events & ceremonies and creating photo archives of the tower and its different programs

 Strengthening employee-manager relationships in order to promote psychological health in the workplace (Mental Security)

Holding & participating in conferences, conventions and events

B-The Cultural Relations Office offers the following services:

Planning for cultural improvement through regular Cultural Council meetings

Promoting cultural programs (religious and national) across the Research Tower

Promoting solidarity among different units regarding cultural programs

Providing cultural programs based on consensus

Organizing the cultural activities of the Research Tower

Coordinating of consultation services to students, employees and university professors

Cooperating with different bodies regarding cultural activities

Creating a dynamic cultural environment based on the principles of the Islamic Revolution

Improving student accomodations and solving their union problems

Planning for and supervising cultural field trips

Planning for art activities (training courses and exhibitions)

Holding religious and national ceremonies, commemorations and events