Executive Manager

Nima Honarvar, Executive Manager

Academic Degree: MSc

Discipline: Healthcare Management

Email: honarvarnima@yahoo.com

Contact Info: +98-71-3612-2213

Fax: +98-71-3628-1506

The affiliated units:

Public Affairs

Physical Protection Unit


Administrative Affairs



Employee Attendance and leaves
  3. Technical Affairs


Secretary of the Research Tower’s Board of Trustees (without voting rights)

Secretary of the Administrative Reform Council

Coordination of meetings for the Board of Trustees

Following the regulations passed in the Board of Trustees

Supervising  employees in departmental, financial and support units

Tending to supply requests from departmental and financial units and research centers, based on orders from the Tower Director (supervision over provisions)

Supervising hourly and daily leaves

Monitoring employee’s attendance

Verifying extra hours

Supervising  equipment and building repairs

Providing weekly reports of the measures taken by the Tower Director

Following up the Research Tower’s affairs in the central headquarte