Information Technology Office (IT)

Azita Yazdanpanah: Manager of Information Technology (IT)

Academic Degree: MSc

Discipline: Information Technology Engineer

Email: ???

Contact Info: +98-71-3612-2211

Fax: +98-71-3628-1506

This office is in charge of thefollowing affairs:

Providing expertise on purchase of computer equipment

Supervising all purchases of computer equipment, softwares and accessories for other units,  and providing tech support to employees

Installing Windows and required applications and updating them

Installing  antivirus applications and their regular updates on all clients under supervision

Providing basic training to employees on optimal use of the systems (importance of antiviruses and personal data protection)

Network troubleshooting in the units and presenting suggestions for netwok improvement

Issuing permits for network expansion, considering the  bandwidth limitations

Sending network breakage or disruption reports to the Department of Statistics & Information Technology

Preparing IDs for network equipment, softwares and computer systems

Inspecting and troubleshooting of the systems under supervision on a weekly basis

 Updating the websites in terms of departmental information, news, etc., under supervision of the Department of Statistics and Information Technology

Preparing  backups of all data servers used by the centers

Updating personal information in terms of software, hardware and network, aiming at improving response to employees and clients

Presenting suggestions for improvement of computer systems across the units, as well as the University

Sending monthly performance reports to the Tower President and Department of Statistics and Information Technology