Affiliated Reerach Institutes

The aims of the establishment of the Institute are:

In order to achieve the following objectives, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences has establish Stem Cell Research Institute, Internal Medicine Institute, Institute of Health and Trauma Institute.

1-   Developing and applying knowledge in the field of science

2-   Training experts in the field of science

3-   Attracting the attention and cooperation of relevant research centers in the country

4-   Scientific and research cooperation with research centers and training other countries and international organizations in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Affiliated Institutes:

1. Stem Cell Research Institute

2. Internal Medicine Institute

3. Institute of Health

4. Trauma Institute

1-Stem Cell Research Institute:

Toward qualitative and quantitative development of research related to stem cells and their increased role in treatment of chronic diseases, the Stem Cell Research Institute was established on November the 16th, 2014, with approval from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education; It consists of the following research centers:

  1. Transplant and Biological Tissues Research Center
  2. Transgenic Technology Research Center
  3. Neurosciences Research Center
  4. Autoimmune Disease Research Center
  5. Hematology Research Center


-       Production, development and improvement of science and technology in the field of stem cells

-       Cooperation with the affiliated research centers on basic and applied research projects related to stem cells

-       Providing scientific and technical consultation to researchers

-       Establishing active and productive interactions with domestic and international research centers

-       Planning for and holding training courses and scientific workshops in collaboration with relative research centers

-       Planning for and holding domestic and international scientific conferences in related fields

Institute Director


Dr. Negar Azarpira

Academic Degree: PhD

Discipline: Pathology

Scientific Ranking: Full Professor

Email: ;

2-Internal Medicine Institute

The Internal Medicine Institute, affiliated with the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, was inaugurated in 2016, with three research centers with Endocrinology, Gastroenterohepatology and Nephrology as its main components. This institute aims at significant progress in different dimensions of basic and applied reseach, through close collaboration with affiliated research centers.




Policy Making

  • Presenting a strategic plan for continuous research activities, in accordance with the country’s 20-year development plan


Research Development

  • Providing documented and evidence-based solutions for prevention, control and treatment of diseases with priority
  • Developing applied research in relative fields
  • Investigating the latest findings and innovations on regional and international levels
  • Introducing and applying advanced technologies for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment


Research Publication

  • Encouragement and support of researchers towards conducting applied research



  • Early publication of research findings for health policy-makers, the medical community and the public
  • Paving the way for applied research at regional and international levels
  • Collaborations with domestic and international research centers and institutes


Workforce Attraction and Training

  • Collaboration with small and medium science-oriented units toward commercialization of research findings
  • Expansion of knowledge and facilitation of applied research
  • Student exchange with well-known international and national scientific centers
  • Attraction of elite graduates for research in the fields of higher education
  • Provision of research opportunities to international and national researchers

Institute Director

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Dabbaghmanesh

Academic Degree: Subspecialist

Discipline: Endocrinology

Scientific Ranking: Full Professor