Mohammad Rasul Allah Research Tower, located in Khalili St., is one of the many accomplishments of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. The research tower houses 23research centers, along with a Central Laboratory, Cancer Registry, Research and Computer Consultion Center (RCC), and the Stem Cell Research Institute, as well as the Office for Student Collaborations, affiliated with Shiraz University and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

The tower’s construction began in 2005 in an area of 4700 Sq meters; it was initially designed to  accomodate five research centers. However, it increased in the following years and, for this reason, the allocated area had to be expanded to 7000 Sq meters.

This tower is the first phase of a twin tower project, and since its inauguration, it has led to great steps towards improving research in health sciences by centralizing Clinical and Basic research centers along with the Institute for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, the Statisticaland Research Consultion Center, and the Research Center Administration. The tower has been fitted with classroom facilities and conference halls.

As to the wide variety of activities in this tower, it is managed through an effective planning which is scientific and logical so that it plays a significant role in institutionalization of advanced research, facilitating collaborations with domestic and international research centers to promote scienence and ultimately improve health status throughout the country.