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Objectives and Responsibilities

This Research Tower was established with the aim of centralizing the existing research centers and their laboratories to reduce overheads, improving collaboration among centers as well as making efficient use of joint facilities and equipment. At present, there are 23 research centers in the research tower, along with the Central Laboratory, Cancer Registry, Research and Computer Consultion Center (RCC) and the Institute for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.

The research tower is affiliated to the vice chancellory of research in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Support, supervision and administrative affairs of the research centers are managed through administrative units based inside the research tower.

Main Objectives

Centralization of research centers and laboratories

Accessibility of mutual equipment and facilities to all research centers

Establishment of executive management alongside research centers

Facilitatation of collaborations among the research centers

Reduction in costs, workforce and equipment

Facilitation of problem solving among research centers

Main Responsibilities

Assisting in executive affairs as well as organization and planning of research centers

 Supporting  research affairs

Coordinating the university headquarters

Inspecting, evaluating and supervising all affairs related to research centers

Following up and  eliminating all issues related to research centers

Providing the research centers with  their requirements in all affairs

Evaluating the performance of research centers

Developing regulations for infection control and occupational safety and supervision over their enforcement

Allocation of budget among research centers

Holding training workshops

Providing the research centers with scientific and research consultation